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2nd year student at USIU, and also a Producer at Arimus Media Limited Lynn "Wanjiru" Mungai plays the role of Michelle in the hit TV detective drama series MAISHA that airs on K24 every monday at 10pm.

She is a shy and reserved lady, (but wait till she gets used to you jeez).

"I LOVE GOD. I'm a born catholic. Confirmation name is "Georgette" (really?).'I believe that nothing in life comes easy, you've got to work for what you want; that's what makes the outcome so much enjoyable: even God worked for 6 days to produce Man and the earth and viola we are perfect lol!" she chuckles as she chuckles as this usually quiet lady opens up.

She is a fighter and she thinks this can double up as a weakness as well cause she does not believe in giving up on anything.According to her, this is also one of her weakness as she might fight too hard when the situation actually requires to let go. She however admits that her fighting and never-die attitude is the reason she has gotten so much out of life.

Maisha the series on k24

'I love my family and Friends! They are very important to me; I wouldn't be who I am without them. I love music! I can spend a whole week indoors without my phone catching up on movies and series and just chilling. That's one of my most favourite things to do just chill, with friends good music lots of food (she can eat y'all trust me because I served her junk and she has hogged it all before the interview is over and she is already asking for more lol) or just by myself. I enjoy my own company. I also love to cook'. she confesses.

Despite her shyness, Lynn Mungai love the nature. She is an avid reader, her favourite author is John Grisham. She is currently reading the man eaters of Tsavo. She is a daddy's girl! The dad is her No. one man.

Her favourite sport is swimming.

Her weakness is she trusts too easy which cost her a lot. She also says she is easily impressed!

She is currently an International Business Administration student Majoring in Marketing.

She loves acting. Her aspirations is to become as great an actress as Cicely Tyson. Her favourite woman is Julie Gichuru also one of the Exectutive producers of Maisha.

Lynn Mungai with Julie Gichuru

Catch Lynn Mungai every monday on Maisha on K24.

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