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  • Posted On: 2011-09-02 00:00:00

Remember the drama that always kept us glued to our screen? That made us beat traffic, leave our work places, school or any other business so as to reach home very early? At exactly 7:30 p.m. we were all home geared up for one of the biggest local drama, SIRI. Talk about talent, professionalism, innovation, state of the art filming equipment and above all think Al Is On production.

We all saw the positive outcome but if you thought that was all, guess again because the production was just getting warmed up and they havent started yet. Rumor has it, that the production is currently working on one of the biggest production T.V series in history ever witnessed on Kenyan Television. Actually, it is going to be the 1st ever soap opera in Kenya. From very reliable sources it is definitely not going to be your ordinary daily T.V show but simply the best yet to come. This is just a sneak peek behind the upcoming drama. At the moment, our Intel has not yet provided enough details concerning the T.V series but one thing for sure is that this exciting show that we should all anticipate for is going to be called Mali.

The plot, set up and synopsis of the show still remains a mystery to us, but some actors such as Charles J Ouda well known from the movie The First Grader, T.V series such as Makutano Junction and Higher Learning were seen on set. Not forgetting others like Brenda Warimu who was known as Shariffa on the local show Changing Times along side Carolyn Midimo of Makutano Junction were also spotted. These are some of the actors that are likely to be featured among other big names in the industry. Perhaps!

This article of course is a spoiler but the best part is, someone on the cast will absolutely blow your mind and guess who that might be but none other than...wait for it, wait for it...the very acclaimed, likeable and charming Big Brother Amplified contestant Nic Wang'ondu. This might just be the perfect timing for him to take up where he left and pursue and venture into greater heights. Nic really brought out his talents on Big Brother where he show cased them to viewers across Africa. We expect nothing more of the same on the show and this will definitely capture his fans attention.

An icon that has been seen often on set is the great Lenny Juma. The man behind casting to most of the successful hit movies and shows. His presence on set, probably gives us a clue that perhaps he is the man behind the casting of the show.


Rumor has it, not only will this be a local production, but who knows, this might be regional or even be viewed continentally.

This is just a hint and a clue to get us ready for the exciting show. Al Is On is always full of surprises and as much as we would ask the whole team and crew if they are ready to offer us with quality entertainment, but the question is to the viewers, ARE YOU READY?

You know where you heard it first.

Investigated by Mark Kaiyare
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