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  • Posted On: 2011-09-02 00:00:00 is a tool created to give the acting industry and the arts industry at large the much needed openness, exposure and forum to help its growing curve reach the heighest point possible.

At we are creating professional profiles for our talented local actors both new in the industry and the already established ones. If you are an actor in Kenya or aspiring to be one you should have created your profile already at to let the masses (casting agents, producers, directors and other interested parties) know that you exist. We believe that in the near future, getting actors should be an easier task than the one we are currently experiencing of long cues at auditions.

Among other things, we also write news articles, stories and anything that can impact the acting industry. Be it about an actor, movie, film, series, event, producer, production house, tips on, auditions etc anything to do with the acting industry is welcomed.

We are therefore looking for talented writers to feature on

Who should write for

1. Intelligent fans with deep knowledge and original insights about a topic touching on the acting industry.
2. Bloggers and message board junkies
3. Professional journalists and columnists looking to reach a wider audience and build their personal brands in a fast-changing digital media world.

Write for


Launched on the 1st of August 2011, managed to get approximately 300,000 hits in its 1st month with 3,000 unique visitors during that month alone. Ask any website developer and he/she will agree that those are not bad numbers for a new site and we hope to grow very quickly.

Furthermore, partnered with KenyaBuzz to feature articles published on onto their magazine and website as well giving you larger readership and audience.

Writing for will be fun and addicting especially since there is no limit to what you can write about the acting industry and the arts industry which is growing and there is always something new to report on every single day.

With, you do not have to maintain a blog or actively build a following, we will do that for you and we give you the flexibility to publish as frequently as possible.

All we ask is of you is to submit high quality pieces or original and insightful up-to-date content.

We are rapidly building into a leading entertainment brand for all the latest news and info on the acting industry and arts industry.

Joining this venture is very easy as well. All you have to do is submit your article to , once approved; the article will be published on our site.

It would be our pleasure to pay article writers and it is one of our short term goals, however at this point, no payment will be given for any article submitted or published. Your name will however be recognized and thus would urge anyone who wants to try out their hand at writing articles to have this great start and exposure.

Yours Sincerely, team.

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