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Talk shows in Kenya have not really been anything worth running home to watch, well not until very recently when we have started to see more interesting things hit our screens, local productions to be specific. I am moved by people like Kaz who decided that her show will premier on the internet and I am still surprised why it has not made it to Kenyan TV since it has really moving content. But it is a new dawn for Kenyan talk shows.

“In the Forest” is a new talk show that is set to cause stirs in the Kenyan celebrities. The talk show is as explicit as explicit can get but very funny and it is taking a direction no other talk show has in the past. It is a talk show set somewhere in a forest – and the host actor Gerald Langiri is set to go into the forest of questions. In the first episode already released, he interviews Lizz Njagah, actor and producer in the Kenyan film industry.

The show goes on well for the first few minutes, until he asks her age, she turns the question back to him and he answers in what he thinks is her bra size :) .

It gets worse when she says she is married to a director and he goes… “Do you always sleep with director?” trying to insinuate that Lizz got to where she is because she is married to a director. Well Lizz couldnt take the questions no more and just walks away and that ends the episode.

Anyway, some exclusive information told us that in one of the episodes, Gerald was slapped in front of the cameras by a woman after he asked her an explicit question. The series will be publishing on Historia Kenya YouTube Channel where they will be releasing a new episode every monday.Catch the first episode below and like the page In the forest to catch more episodes as they are released.


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