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Just when I thought that the movie Nairobi Half Life had done us proud all over the world, I wake up to yet another great piece of news. The Nairobi Half Life movie has received not 1 but 9 nominations in the African Movie Academy Awards for various categories. For the Kenyan Film Industry and mostly the Nairobi Half Life cast and crew, this is a great achievement that deserves a toast or two.

The AMAA nominations ceremony that took place on Friday (15th march 2013) night in Malawi, hosted by Her Excellency President Joyce Banda, saw Kenya scoop 11nominations in various film categories.

Among the nominees is Director David ‘Tosh’ Gitonga (Director Nairobi Half Life) who was nominated for AMAA 2013 Best Film Director. This is a great achievement for him and a motivation to the realization of his dream which is to turn Kenya into a ‘Hollywood’. The NHL movie, for which he received a nomination as the best director, was his first ever movie to direct as a first class director. So, you can imagine what this nomination means to him and also to the other NHL cast and crew. Joseph Babu Wairimu, who acted Mwas in the NHL movie, has also been nominated for best promising actor together with Olwenya Maina (Oti) for Best Actor in supporting role.

Last year, Kenya had been nominated for various AMAA prize categories and managed to scoop home two awards; AMAA prize for Best Animation (The Legend of Ngong Hills) and AMAA prize for Achievement in make-up (Shattered).

With these nominations, it’s a great calling for Kenyans to show their support by voting for these nominees to help them bring home the prizes. In the recent past, I have seen Kenyans start to embrace their own local film industry. This is evident in the great receivership that Nairobi Half Life movie got after its release. Many people went to watch it in the Cinemas rather than waiting to buy pirated copies contrary to what has been happening in the past.

The support is also evident in the just concluded Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice awards which went down in Nigeria on the 9th of March. Kenyans voted for the nominees in large numbers. This saw Kenya bring home 3 awards. Our own actress Maureen Koech was voted Best supporting Actress whereas XYZ and Yellow fever were voted Best Television Series and Best Short Film respectively.

The AMAA Awards ceremony is officially scheduled for the 14th of April 2013 in Nigeria.

All nominations from Kenya are;

AMAA 2013 Prize for Best Film- Nairobi Half Life

AMAA 2013 Prize for Best Director- David Tosh Gitonga (Nairobi Half Life)

AMAA 2013 Prize for Best Actor in Supporting Role- Olwenya Maina (Nairobi Half Life)

AMAA 2013 Prize for Best Promising Actor- Joseph Babu Wairimu (Nairobi Half Life)

AMAA 2013 Prize for Best Film in an African Language- Nairobi Half Life

AMAA 2013 Prize for Best Film for Achievement in Editing- Nairobi Half Life

AMAA 2013 Prize for Achievement in Cinematography- Nairobi Half Life

AMAA 2013 Prize for Achievement in Sound- Nairobi Half Life

AMAA 2013 Prize for Achievement in Sound Track- Nairobi Half Life

AMAA 2013 Prize for Best Short Film- Yellow fever, Burnt Forest

AMAA 2013 Prize for Best Documentary- Give Me Back My Home

The least you can do to show your support is through voting once the voting lines opens. To the nominees, we wish you all the best and thank you for making Kenya proud!

See full list of nominations here

Written by Neomy John

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