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Mombasa born actor Gerald Langiri started acting when he was a youngster. He remembers his church, primary and secondary school plays as the pillar of the actor he is now even though he admits that it is a whole different playing field taking up acting as a career. In his feature on FilmBiz Africa magazine, he humbly admits to be young in the Kenyan Film industry as he only fully took up acting as a career in 2011 and left a well paying IT Manager job to pursue his passion and desires.

He however dint fully leave his IT knowledge completely behind as he started an initiative and website During his debut as an actor, he saw a lacking in kenya's film industry; Lack of a marketing platform for actors, lack of an easy channel where producers and directors can  easily get actors apart from the tedious and tiring traditional auditioning methods, lack of information such as auditions and acting events; information as simple as how to start an acting career in kenya, something he admits is what made him take time before taking that leap of faith to join the acting industry as he did not know who or where to go. He has written numerous articles around that subject now. Also, lack of a body and/or guild that can champion for actors rights as he is fighting hard to get the Kenya Actors Guild up and running is something that motivated him to start the website.

A member of the Kenya Film Television and Producers Association, Gerald hopes that the young aspiring actors will be able to better their careers via his initiative which so far has become the leading website for anything acting in kenya with a huge following and he is the to go to guy for information on acting in kenya.

Gerald has been featured on Citizen T.V. court drama Mashtaka as a lawyer and currently is doing a show called Mali on NTV as a lawyer too. He was also nominated as one of the best Kenyan actors during the 2012 FilmBiz africa search for the best actors in Kenya. He has done several shortfilms under the One Fine Day Films workshops and has also established himself as a Casting Director with several castings under his name and currently casting for the next feature film from One Fine Day Films and Ginger Ink titled "Veve" to be released in 2014. He is currently working on a series which should start airing soon also is cast on the much hyped series Two Sides which is still in the pilot stages. In 2012 he produced and directed a short film titled " The bigger man" which he submitted to the U-Film-It competition and it won third runners up.

On growth of the film industry in Kenya, he is happy for the strides being taken, however, he feels that actors need to support each other more so that the growth may be at a more fast steady pace. "The biggest challenge I have seen so far is the lack of support not only from the public but from actors supporting other actors and also filmmakers supporting other filmmakers. There is alot of individualism going on around. I look at the acting fraternity as a family and community and it is from within that 1st we need to get to support each other and portray that to the public who will then come running in supporting us." he says.

On his future in acting: “I believe if I continue with the same spirit and passion, I’m headed for bigger things but only time will tell. Of course it’s most actors dream to reach Hollywood and if not Hollywood, at least somewhere one can live off acting comfortably and get recognized for their efforts and works. We can however make our own formidable Wood right here at home.” he says.

Gerald assures his fans that they should be ready to see him in action for hopefully many years to come for bigger things are on the way. "Acting as a career in Kenya is not easy or a walk in the park. When I took the risk to leave a full time job to join acting, I have become broke but atleast I am surviving" he jokes. "Alot of effort, time, patience, hardwork and persaverance is needed. I dont know what the future holds for me but from where I am standing, I would love to do this for the longest time".

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By Mark Kaiyare for FilmBiz Africa

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