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Born on the 19th of May in Central Kenya, Veronica had a diffulcult time convincing her parents about her passion for the arts. All her siblings were eager on pursing their education and conventional careers. Veronica would not have probably grown to be a the power house she is today had she ignored the accolades of the best actress year 2000 during the 52 year old Inter-school and colleges and drama festival. This ‘turn-around’ moment in her life , as she describes it inspired her to use her talent to impact change to the arts and culture society in kenya.

Veronica started small as a featured character in “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” with a renown local theatre company Heartstrings Kenya. She extended her profile in several theatre companies namely, Festival of Creative Arts, Kenya institute of Education, Sterling Quality in a Musical Show, and Phoenix Repertoire Theatre.

Inspired to advance in her career and be a role model to her son,she further ventured into the Kenyan Film Industry. Fighting through the corridors of the red taped industry, she managed to secure her first featured role in a local film called Money and the Cross by Baraka Films Productions. To her, that was just but a starting point in her career. Soon after, she starred in the Hollywood film and 11 times Oscar awards winner, The Constant Gardener. To Veronica, all this was possible by the motivation she cultivated through God seeing that God had placed great value, significance and importance inside her and every other person.

The local TV series had started giving returns at this point, having done a multi-national production, Veronica’s rate card was a four star . She later signed a contract to play the role of Fiona in NTV’s “WINGU LA MOTO” . Come 2007, due to political unrest, the film industry suffered a market plunge and many productions went under water. Like hundreds of other Kenyan artists who depended on film for a living , Veronica too suffered a major economic set back. ‘Times were hard, finger nail biting hard’ she explained.

Young and ambitious Veronica was still aspiring to climb the corporate ladder. She simply couldn’t afford to see her star dim. She got a job at phoenix casino as a waitress, then a receptionist combined as the casino’s events MC. Her breakthrough came with a nomination at the Feather Awards, 2010, which she scaled as ‘Best Actress in Kenya.’

Currently, Veronica is an actress in Mashtaka - a Ken TV Production, where she plays the role of Maria Mavuno. She also acts in a Citizen TV production called Papa Shirandula as Mrs. Anderson- citizen production. Veronica will soon be all over our TV screens in a lead role in an upcoming soap. Some of her hobbies include travelling, and reading inspirational and spiritual books.

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Compiled by By Rita Njoroge - FilmBiz Africa

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