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Nini holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business Administration from the United States International University, Nairobi, Kenya. She also holds a diploma in Film and Television production from Media Network Training Institute. “The school of life has been my greatest teacher yet.” She tells us. Nini grew up in a family of girls. Her parents were present and involved in their lives with the mother being very strict that she even gave up her teaching career to raise them (with the rod). Her most vivid memories are of running away from the belt or mwiko (wooden spoon). They were not allowed to play outside the gate forcing them to get very creative indoors.

Her mother’s mantra every time they complained of boredom is that ‘only stupid people get bored’. Surprisingly even though they were kept indoors, they were not sheltered in the way that made girls naive. They somehow managed to expose them without allowing them to run wild. This taught them how to be themselves and not conform to people’s expectations. Nini acclaims that they are all fiercely independent free spirits because of their mother.

Some of her awards include: the 2006 Fanta Chaguo la Teeniez “Baddest girl on Tv” for her role as Suzanne in NTV’s ‘Wingu la Moto’. In 2004, the film Project Daddy ( Baraka Films) which Nini played a supporting role, won an award at the 7th Africa Cine week. In 2003, the film Dangerous Affair (Baraka Films), which
Nini starred in, won the Golden Dhow Award at the Zanzibar International Film Festival. Later that year, the film Epilogue (by Big Ideas Kenya) which Nini also starred in received a social attention award at the 50th International Oberhausen Short Film Festival in Germany.

Passion gives Nini her motivation. “ I swore to myself a while ago, that I would never waste my time on a career for the sake of money. My gut, my heart and my soul have to be in it. If I am not passionate about it, I won’t give it my 100%,” she declared.

On advice to the youth, Nini encourages them to ‘know thyself and always be true to themselves’. Nini says, “follow your gut instinct and never give up. This industry of ours is not an easy one to work in,” adding, “you will constantly feel judged, rejected, loved and hated. Your head will explode with pride and your pride will be deflated by the number of ‘no’s’ you will hear. Learn from whoever is willing to teach you, study your craft so you are on top of it at all times. Most times you will be judged by your work ethics more than by your talent As actors we have such a bad reputation for being unreliable and nicknamed drama queens and kings. Let’s strive to make a difference in this industry”

Nini has also established herself as a Casting Director and her notable recent movie she casted for was "Something Necessary"

Nini Wacera Acting profile

Watch her showreel below.


By Rita Njoroge - FilmBiz Africa

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