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Dear Kenyan hawker, if you are going to sell a pirated copy of a local movie, at least get to know the people who took part in making that movie to avoid re-selling it to the person who made it. While having lunch in a nearby restaurant right after attending the “Digital Migration symposium” at shalom house on 12th January 2012, a hawker comes in trying to sell to actors Maina Wilfred, Nice Githinji , producer John Karanja (third force association) and Victor Muniafu ( Chairman of Kenya Film and Television Producers Association) a copy of Nairobi Half Life.

Nice asks the hawker to look at Maina and to compare his face to what he sees on the DVD cover of Nairobi Half Life. The hawker shocked to find out it was OTI, chuckles a bit in embarrassment while he goes to try and sell the other movies to other customers whilst leaving two copies of Nairobi Half Life on the table where Maina and company were seated. A few minutes later, he shamelessly comes back to ask for his ksh 200 for the two DVDs and that is when he felt the wrath of artists scorned.

Karanja asks the hawker where he got the copies of the DVD and the hawker replies that he bought them in town and that the DVD are in circulation all over Nairobi. He is then asked if he can take them to the location where the DVDs are being sold and he denies while he tries to walk away.  Meanwhile Nice is pretending to talk to a police officer to come and arrest someone saying “tuko na yeye hapa hajaenda”.

Victor Muniafu then tells the hawker to just walk away because if he is caught, a fine of ksh 20,000 shillings will be charged on him for piracy.

The hawker scatters and that is when Maina takes one of the DVDs and breaks it into two.

Pirated DVD broken into two by Maina

Maina urges all Kenyans to stop pirating local movies. There is so much sweat put into the making of these movies and piracy means the returns of the movies are going to the wrong hands. He however urges those who havent had a chance to catch Nairobi Half Life to be patient as original DVDs are going to be released soon.

What is your take on piracy in Kenya? Do you feel piracy is good for the common mwananchi who cannot manage to go watch Movies in the Cinemas?

By Gerald Langiri

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