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  • Posted On: 2013-01-11 00:00:00

"An actor's showreel is a short piece of video or film footage showcasing an actor's previous work combined or compiled together, usually four to six minutes in length. Actors who have a showreel are more likely to get work as it becomes much easier for them to promote and market themselves to producers, directors, casting directors and agents. The showreel aims to showcase the actors different acting skills and emotions.

An actor will usually pay an editing company or an editor to put together the bulk of their work into a showreel that can be distributed on DVD or put up online for sharing.

Some actors may not have any video or film footage, in most cases these actors will choose to pay a showreel company or walk into a production house to produce a reel for them. The actors will then be provided with scripts as well as filming their scenes and editing them together into the final showreel." Wikipedia.

Sadly, so many Kenyan actors do not have showreels and some still either don’t believe it’s important or havent taken the effort to make one. Some attest this to the fact that it is not easy for them to get clips of their work from previously done shows. This is therefore to urge producers to help actors in their bid to make showreels.

Below are the showreels I could find sorted alphabetically. If you are a Kenyan actor and have a showreel (of at least 2 different clips from two different shows) and it is not on this list and you would like it to be, kindly post it on our facebook or email the youtube/vimeo link to

Which among these is the best showreel?

Brenda Wairimu


Eddy Kimani

Gerald Langiri


Isaya Evans


Lizz Njagah

Lydia Gitachu


Maina Olwenya

Martin Githinji

Neville Misati

Nini Wacera

Sue Wanjiru

Ruth Maingi

Wanjiku Mburu

. .