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Based on a team building game with the same title, T.H.I.E.F is the first ever All Kenyan Cast and Crew thriller that revolve around the life of 10 first year students and their lecturer. The movie begins in a classroom where the lecturer (Frank Abong’o) introduces first year students to the basic concept of acting V.O.T.E. With strict instructions not to share the assignment, the students leave the classroom for the weekend when they decide to go for camping.

On reaching the camp, they have a lot of fun until they realize that Johnny (Clinton Mukangula) forgot their food in the bus. Led by Tony (Charles Wanjohi), the boys start pitching tents while the ladies are busy gossiping and listening to music. The music is interrupted by Tony who requests his classmates to help him pitch the tents but he is ignored, the lecturer comes to his aid by stopping the music. The pace for the film is set when Alicia (Gabrielle Wanjiku) faints; she is helped by the students into the tent for her to relax.

In the dead of night, Lily is left alone as she goes to search for water for Alicia. Lily gets scared by James (Thomas Onkendi) and accidently hits him with a log. James lies on the ground unconscious. In the meantime, Johnny and Anne (Wanjiru Njihia) are on the east side of the forest fetching firewood while Andrew (Biko Nyongesa) and Carol (Caroline Kinuthia) who is a twitter addict, are searching for water in the bamboo. Cate (Michelle Kawira) and George (Jackton Busaka) are having a difficult time working together; George decides to hide from her.

James, who is on Lily’s palms, pulls another prank on her; scared, she releases James who hits his head on a rock. Lily hides him in a hole assuming that James has died. Shortly thereafter, Cate (Michelle Kawira) finds Lily lying dead by the stream. She runs to look for other members of the team when she bumps into Andrew and Carol kissing. She explains to them the situation; Carol does not seem to realize the seriousness of the situation as she is tweeting the drama.  On reaching the stream, they don’t find Lily’s body .This raises eyebrows especially on Caro, they decide to go and leave Cate accusing her of raising a false alarm. As they leave, Andrew spanks Carol and Anne notices. An argument ensues and Cate discloses what she saw between Andrew and Carol. Anne gets furious and decides to walk away only for her to bump into George’s corpse.  Johnny picks an earring from George’s hands. Apparently, it belongs to Anne. Carol accuses Anne of being behind the killings, Anne runs away when Carol mentions the police. She is pursued by Johnny and Andrew but she is too fast for them, Johnny later finds her lying dead.  Moments later, Andrew and John try to reach Carol on phone but she is offline, what happened to her? Could she be the killer?

 As Andrew turns to leave Johnny, he is hit hard on the head and lies down dead, Cate is shocked to see Andrews body and screams. This catches Johnny’s attention; he runs to see the body and accuses Cate of killing him. Cate runs away and Johnny pursues her only to find Cate hanging dead. Johnny is scared and runs away into the darkness.

Who could be the killer? What would be his or her motivation? Is anyone safe in this God forsaken forest? Who is the THIEF?


The film, a first one of its kind, is produced by Emerald Group Limited under Emerald Film Company. The company is co-owned by Esther Gicheha (Scriptwriter, Director and Producer) and Steven Anderson Wekesa (Director of Photography and Producer). The former is in her final year while the latter has cleared his Bachelor of Theatre Arts and Film Technology degree from Kenyatta University. This is arguably the first full feature thriller to be produced by undergraduate students in Kenya. The film has been directed by Matrid Nyagah (a graduate of Theatre Arts and Film Technology, KU) who made her debut film Twists of Fate in 2009; she has further directed a number of local films especially with High schools most notably being Nyagatugu Boys. The camera person was Kabi Pinchez (of the Bonoko hit fame) who is also a producer of Code Entertainment.

The cast of T.H.I.E.F comprises of Biko Nyongesa (Higher Learning, Shattered, Wrong Number, Tabasamu, the Devil’s Compound and the Homecoming), Jackton Busaka (Wrong Number, Mwangaza, Lies that Bind, the Homecoming), Gabrielle Wanjiku, Frank Abong’o, Michelle Kawira, Edith Osiro, Caroline Kinuthia, Clinton Mukangula, Thomas Onkendi, Wanjiru Njihia and Charles Wanjohi. All these are students from Kenyatta University.

During its premiere held at Kenyatta University’s AVU Main hall, Mr. Nathan Asiago of the Kenya Film Commission applauded the uniqueness of the film. The film attracted a huge number of viewers who were not disappointed by the creativity, tempo and the artistic look of the film. The setting is simply awesome with most scenes happening at night, this gives T.H.I.E.F a unique look away from the usual Kenyan films based on family dramas happening during the day. The lighting and the shots are well coordinated to give this film a feel of originality and class.

If T.H.I.E.F is anything to go by, Emerald Film Company is definitely on the path to success and putting Kenya on the international map. This is one of those student films that can comfortably compete with seasoned Kenyan producers. They are young, creative, energetic and daring; they are currently working on making T.H.I.E.F a TV drama series (already reached Episode 7) and a new psychological thriller which they promise will put Kenyan film on the global map.


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