Gerald Langiri
August 22 / 2011

“Kenyan actress and one of the big brother contestants Millicent Mugadi who stared in a movie besides two hot and popular Nollywood stars is finding it hard to get the movie aired on Kenyan TV.Millicent was part of the star-studded cast from the Nigerian movie Behind Closed doors that also starred Nigerian hunk Mike Ezuruonye and Tuface’s Baby mama Annie Macauley.

“The movie is out but for some reason, the TV stations I have taken it to are yet to air it. I’ve requested to find out why but I keep hitting a brick wall,“ she said. The movie follows the lives of couples that are all being unfaithful to their partners and by a stroke of bad luck they are locked up in a house alone .In the house there is another person who is privy to all the affair and threatens top spill the beans.

“It’s not explicit to a point where it can’t be aired on TV, it is a very humorous story, one I believe Kenyans would watch and identify with.“ While on her visit to Nigeria during the shoot of the movie, Millicent proved to be quite a hit with the various directors she made contact with.

“What they liked the most about me was my accent. They loved it they said it was different,“ said an excited Millicent. The actress who also starsin The Team, as Team Captain Johari, managed to land three different roles in Nigerian and Ghanaian productions during her visit to the two countries last year. Her latest film project is me,my wife and her Guru shot by Jitu Films and stars TPF judge Ian Mbugua, Liz Njagah and Alex Konstantaras. The film was released in July 2011.“

Source: http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/lifestylesx/2010/09/14/kenyan-actress-naija-bid-flops-at-home/



Milicent who got evicted from the Big brother Amplified show after nearly getting to the finish line was caught up by Hot Secrets Special Ops correspondent for a series of one liner questions interviewed by MIZZ CATE MUKEI .This is how the interview went:

I’m good at?
Cooking and socializing.

I’m bad at?
Mind games. Puzzles and cross words are clearly not my thing.

The last book I enjoyed reading is?
Conversations with God by Kneid Donald Walch.

Most surprising thing that ever happened to me?
Being introduced to my brother for the first time after big brother. I haven’t met him yet but his wife (a journalist) approached me and told me that he had sent her to show me the pictures. I believed her because my father had many wives.

A common misconception about me?
That I’m a pretender. This is probably because I have very many personalities so people never get to know the real me.

My worst childhood fears were?
Worms. I still get scared when I see them to date.

My ideal night out is?
Having a nice meal and a few drinks with friends.

In another life I would have been?
A nurse.

If I were a politician I would?
Reduce salaries for all MPs and create policies that necessitate the leaders to support sporting activities.

The best age to be is?
28. At this age you are very sure of what you want and exactly how you want it.

The best part of my job is?
Making money. Isn’t it just obvious?

My greatest regret is?
Not paying attention in high school. I really do not understand what I was doing.

Living leader I admire?
Wangare Maathai and Martha Karua. They are very strong women.

My greatest possession is?
My body. It is my greatest asset.

My favorite author is?
Kneid Donald Walch. He is the best writer alive.

In greatest depth of misery I?
Cry. It makes me feel better.

If I was to die in five minutes my last words would be?
Everything I own should go to my grandmother.

Millicent is also an actress and an avid football supporter and player.“

source: http://hotsecretz.blogspot.com/2011/08/big-brothers-millicent-takes-out-one.html

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