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FilmBiz Africa and conducted a poll in March 2012 on popular social site Facebook asking members to vote for their favorite actors or actresses. Out of 3,400 voters, Helena emerged with the highest votes raking in 215 votes in a span of only 4 days.

Helena Waithera, sometimes called “Gabby” because of her role in popular TV series Tabasamu is without a doubt a beautiful, confident, intelligent and talented Kenyan actress. She was born on the 31st of October in Nyeri, Central Kenya. Helena holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in HR management from the University of Nairobi.

Helena has featured in ‘Tabasamu’ a Swahili television program which airs weekly on the highly rated Citizen Television.

She wowed locals as Milka in Kenya Broadcasting CorporationTV series “ Heartbeat FM” and has done several theatre performances with the festival of creative arts (FCA) including No Dinner for Sinners, Our Husband has Gone Mad Again, and Perfect Wedding.


Helena is also one of the faces of Kenyan-Greek film company Jitu Films and has starred in several Jitu productions including "Selfish" which was nominated for the 2011 Kalasha Awards as the best feature film. She also featured in "Mob Doc", a comical film about an alcoholic medical doctor. Helen has also starred in a Kenyan film titled "Garden of Eden"where she played the role of a young naïve African girl.

Helena and her four siblings were raised by a single mom up on the divorce of her parents when she was 10years old. Having found it difficult to cope with, Helena learnt to put on masks and build a little perfect world  of her own so she could get along with her peers. Her ability to perfectly mask her emotions turned out to be a blessing in disguise upon which she built her character as an actress. Once on stage or screen she is able to deliver a great performance regardless of what may be happening in her day to day life.

Her desire is to actualize her full potential and leave a mark in her generation, not simply as an actress but as a woman who’s strides and footsteps can be emulated and one who positively inspired others by legacy.

To unwind, Helena likes to model, travel, read, write poetry, dance salsa and watch movies, plays, and musicals.

For more on Helena Waithera, follow her on facebook on Helena Waithera

Compiled by Chiaka Orjiako for FilmBiz Africa Magazine

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