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Mumbi Kaigwa, a single mother of two is a United States International University (USIU) graduate, Born on the 20th of April, 1962. Mumbi Kaigwa has grown to be one of Kenya’s most recognizable faces on stage, in Theatre, music, dance and the arts. Mumbi is an award winning Kenyan actress, writer, Producer, and director of theatre, film and television.

Mumbi celebrates 40 years in acting this year (2012), having started out as “Girl” in The Strong Breed by Wole Soyinka on Kenyan television in 1972. Over the years Mumbi has acted, danced, sang, written, produced and directed several film and theatre productions.

Mumbi has an undying love for the stage: “There’s nothing more delicious than sharing a performance with a live breathing audience night after night.” She says.

She has performed in East Africa, North America, Asia and Europe and beyond. Mumbi has acted as Rachel in Australian hit series: Neighbours, (Grundy Television, Australia 1995) Leah, Heart and Soul, (Pilot, Blue Sky Productions/United Nations), Nairobi, 2001, Grace Makanga: The Constant Gardener, Mama Lucy in The Knife Grinder’s Tale by RL Hooker, 2006 and as an Education Secretary in The First Grader: BBC Films/Origin Pictures, 2009.


Some of the productions Mumbi has directed and produced include:
The Voice of a Dream by M?mbi Kaigwa, 2001 (Kenya); 2002 (Zanzibar); 2006 (Indonesia), The East Africa Festival of Storytelling and Dance, 2002, Heart and Soul (6-part TV Drama broadcast in 11 countries in Africa), Death and the Maiden (directed and coproduced for Phoenix Theatre, Nairobi) 2011 amongst others.

She has many of the most memorable stage performances such as Nora, A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen. Paulina, Death and the Maiden by Ariel Dorfman Lesley, Talking Heads: Her Big Chance by Alan Bennett, just to mention a few.

In 2003, she was named the Eve Woman of the Year in the Music and Arts category.

POPULARITY RATING A- for diligently putting Kenyan media, performing arts and entertainment on the global map. She is without a doubt a natural Kenyan ambassador for peace and positive change.

Watch the interview below of Mumbi on KTN mid-morning show:

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