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Kenyan actors are to meet on the 26th of October 2012 at the Kenya National Theatre from 9am in a move that will see the thespians come together  to actualize the Kenya Actors Guild (KAG)

All Kenyan actors are being requested to attend this meeting where the agenda of the day will be:

  • 1. Introduce the Guild to actors (answer the questions of “What” and “Why”).
  • 2. Go through the guild constitution (facilitated by a lawyer- Download a copy of the constitution here 
  • 3. Recruitment of members to the Guild and its process.
  • 4. Chart the way forward for the guild and its members.
  • 5. Remarks (Kenya Film Commission Rep, Kenya Film and Television Producers Association Rep)
  • 6. Q and A.

Actors worldwide should and are identified and protected by Guilds and the most common known guild in the world for actors is the Screen Actors Guild (SAG now known as SAG-AFTRA after merging with the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists).

KAG dates back to late 2008 when it was registered under the Societies Act to look into Kenyan actors’ welfare and the founding members are chairman Peter King Mwania, Secretary Lupita Nyong’o and Treasurer Elly Omukubi among others. However due to unavoidable circumstances, the guild never came to really take off.

Gerald Langiri took over from where that was left off when he founded  in 2011 and also had the same vision in mind for the acting industry.

In a statement, Gerald Langiri said “Kenya being an emerging film country, its acting fraternity is hindered from achieving its full potential and this can be attributed to the fact that it lacks an active guild to protect the rights of the actor, take care of the welfare of actors and most importantly, let actors speak with one unified voice to drive and dictate policies. Actors are always being left behind on matters concerning the film industry but that is because we do not speak as one. Film industries all over have guilds and it is about time we had one in order for us to be taken seriously. It starts with us actors.”

After the workshop and recruitment of members has taken place, the guild will start its operations by having an official launch and an Annual General Meeting where registered members will get to elect who gets to represent them before embarking on guild related activities.

“Kenya Film Commission has been very helpful towards actualization of the guild and their continued assistance cannot go unmentioned. They have assisted in setting up this 1st workshop and we are still working with them towards branding of the guild in due course.  “Gerald Langiri says.

The main objectives of the Guild is to represents its members through:

(a)  To promote the Intellectual Property Rights within Kenya and in particular among performers through sensitization, education and empowerment of Kenyan performers;

(b) To agitate and lobby for equitable levels of compensation, benefits and working conditions for performers;

(c) The collection of compensation for exploitation of their recorded performances and protection against unauthorized use; and

 (d) The preservation and expansion of work opportunities.

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