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Born on the 11th of April in Meru, central Kenya, Pierra Makena grew up in an artistic environment .Growing up was fun and interesting to her as everyone in her family was very artistic and therefore did not discourage her to pursue the arts. As a child, her parents enjoyed watching her performances. With their support, she begun acting and singing in church and youth camps before making it to television.

Pierra has many feathers to her hat as she was the Marketing Manager of One F.M Kenya where she also was on radio as a presenter. She is about to pursue a Masters in Mass Communication at the University of Nairobi.

Her range of cinematography includes soaps such as Kenyan TV soap show: Kisulisuli, Citizen Television’s ever popular: Tahidi High and M-Net’s Changes. Some of the feature and full length films she has acted in include: Cry of the

innocent, Aziz, Greencard, and Enough is Enough. In her free time, Pierra enjoys horse riding and dancing. She is also a re-know Dee Jay and spinning the decks is something you will catch Pierra doing in a club somewhere. Hustle hard is her code of conduct.

Makena is also the face of Kenya’s road safety awareness campaign which ensures that word goes out on the dangers of irresponsible road use like drunk driving and insensitivity to other motorists.

Her family is at the center of her heart and she strives to improve their lives. Additionally, she has a dream of building a

children’s home. She wakes up every day knowing that she needs to take some kids off the street of whom she feels may venture into acting as she did. Despite it being a passion that many young people are skeptical to pursue, Pierra believes that it is an amazing career to have for those who do not give up on it.

In an interview done by Pierra revelead this about herself:

Where do you see yourself ending up, television or radio?

Television, because in future, I want to have a production house, owning a radio station is not very easy and anyway I’m a TV film director, a role that’s more fun and challenging.

What's your motivation?

The fact that I want to be the best I can be in everything that I do! I want to give my family what they have always wanted since they really believe in me, my mum especially. I want to do for her what my dad would have wanted to do for her.

Who is this girl Pierra?

Proud and intensely individual, very down to earth and God fearing. I really want to stand out, be the very best I can be, and to be recognised and appreciated for my unique contribution. Doing something well and being respected for it is extremely important to me. I have big dreams, and the determination, spirit, vitality and enthusiasm to realise them.

What's irks you about the entertainment industry?

The fact that some people don’t want to see others make it, so they are always out there to mess things up. I don’t see why people cannot be happy for others.

If you are wondering why she is reffered to as kenya's Lara Croft, watch the below video to find out:

Courtesy of FilmBiz Africa

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