Gerald Langiri
October 16 / 2012

Preferred to be referenced by his African names, Gitau stays true to his roots. In his native language, Ngogoyo means something very sweet. Gitau looks 20 but is actually in his prime 30 to everyone’s astonishment.

He has a diploma in Building and construction and a higher diploma in structural engineering and design. Apart from being involved in the arts, he has worked for civil consulting firms where he applies his knowledge.

Gitau started acting way back in church when he was a kid where he used to do skits. He was shy, however, every time the congregation was asked to volunteer in participating in skits, he felt inclined to do so. Throughout primary and secondary school, he participated in plays and chorals and when he joined college, he took acting more seriously. Gitau and his classmate formed a drama club “the basementarians”. The name was derived from a small office in the basement that they would use, as the college could not offer any other. He is proud to mention that some of the members from the club are now all well renowned actors.

His first film was a small role in the film “Walking with Jesus” courtesy of cinematic solutions. Before that, he did a pilot of a T.V game show but unfortunately it did not make it to the screens. His breakthrough to screen was from a KBC series “Hila” which ran for seven seasons. In early 2009, he was brought on board the new Drama T.V series that was aired on NTV called “Demigods”. In between Hila and Demigods, he got a very controversial role on “Makutano Junction” where he played a gay character called Oliver. It was a really challenging role but eventually he nailed the role with the help of the writers of the show. After Makutano Junction, he featured in “Noose of Gold” as sly and the featured in “Mnet Changes” that is aired across Africa and that was a big step forward for him to showcase his talent to a wider audience.

Gitau has also done a couple of plays with Phoenix theatres and was honored to be part of the phoenix group.

In his free time, Gitau indulges in sports, especially soccer, basketball and swimming. Other than that, he additionally enjoys being behind the camera where he pursues editing, animations and writing. Gitau is currently thinking of pursuing music and perhaps his appearance in Alisha Popat’s single “oh let the rain” is a step towards that.

Last but not least, he likes to do charity work and is an active member of the Red Cross.

View Gitau's acting profile here

Written BY Mark Kaiyare, For FilmBiz Africa

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