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  • Posted On: 2012-10-03 00:00:00

Malik Lemuel is Kenya’s prolific under- 18 actor, in him, many opinion leaders and critics in the movie production industry have expressed hope and faith that the stars are bright for him.

“We are looking at a character headed to international arena in a big way, his discipline is superb and internalization of the role is excellent,” remarked a leading movie producer in Kenya.

Since his first role in the drama Makutano junction and later Machachari, Malik has attracted offers from various quarters in the production world.

The most recent of among other productions that he has taken part in includes the Kenyan produced movie the Drunk Dead.

 it would not be bragging to say he has a following, it is afact that he has fans among his age group with an extension that comprises of those above and below his age group in East African region.

His role in Machachari has helped him form a bond with many of his age group-they simply relate.

It’s that fans-ship coupled with his charisma and coated with Malik’s mellow voice that makes him a favourite face and voice for an MC at any gathering especially that which comprises of his age group.

Among the events that Malik has recently hosted as the MC include Blue Band Launch and Kid’s Festival August 2012 (alongside Comedian Churchill),and Zinc Chewing gum official launch.

Malik Lemuel


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