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Short listing of the movie Going Bongo has come to an end and Kabi Gethaiga is the lucky lady chosen to play the role of Dada. Kabi was chosen over 5 other shortlisted actresses.

Auditions were held at the Kenya National Theatre and several roles were being casted for. However, it is only the character "Dada" that will get filled by a kenyan as the American based Director (Gregory Zymet) was able to fill the other roles from Tanzania where the movie is going to be shot and is scheduled to start on the 16th of August 2012.

The producer, Ernest Napoleon, is however happy for kenya as "Dada" is one of the most important characters in the movie and hopes the movie will be a success.

The plot of the movie follows an american doctor who is to be transferred to a different hospital in america but a mix up in his papers, finds himself in a hospital in Tanzania instead and has to adapt to life in africa.
Apart from being a model, kabi has also featured in "I Am Slave (2010)" where she played  Hanna (Mother) and Nairobi Half Life just to mention but a few.

Remarkably, she was also considered for a role by an LA casting agent that saw her acting in 'I am slave' for a film by Steve Mcqueen called 'Twelve years A slave' along side Michael Fassbender and Brad Pitt. We however know by now who got that role and that is Lupita Nyongo, another well deserving actress.

On stage, kabi has perfomed on - Shakespeare’s " The Taming of Shrew" as Katherine (The shrew), 'Propose Me' as Hilda and  'A christmas Tale' as Mary. Her skills do not just end on the stage and screen though as kabi is also an upcoming musician and has some songs that are yet to be released.

Add a vibrant personality to her and Kabi Gethaiga is one actress who is destined for a brighter future.

We caught up with her to ask for a comment on this new role and about the acting industry in kenya and this is what she had to say:

"This industry is tough and unpredictable. You win some, you lose many. But I know for a fact, that when things are going wrong, things are going right. Also,...Everything happens for a reason. Everyone you meet has a role to play in your life because God put them there, and He is always working. As for my role as Dada and Going Bongo, let me go to bongo 1st before making any remarks.I dont want to jinx it" *big grin on her face.*

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