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  • Posted On: 2012-07-16 00:00:00

The promotional e-mails and fliers promised a play “Packed full of suspense, intrigue and comic moments, with a killer final twist”.

Just before watching this play, I had lamented (with the help of a fellow theatre lover) on the dearth of the entertainment factor in Kenyan theatre with a lot having predictable plots and endings. This stand was changed minutes into watching this play.

The stage, in characteristic FCA style, is impeccably decorated in fine quality furniture befitting the upper middle-class that the main character Mr. Daniel Ngei (Played by Joe Kinyua) is portraying.

Trap for a loney man1

The sound track that rips through the auditorium ably renders suspense as the main style in the play.

The play begins with an agitated Mr. Ngei, who has summoned the Chief Inspector of Police to report on his wife’s disappearance. Andrew Muthure (You may recognize him from the hit TV show Mother-In Law as Mustapha) delivers his lines with a fine, seasoned sense of humour. Of Mrs.Ngei’s disappearance, he tells Mr. Ngei; “Hundred thousand wives leave their husbands every other day, and that is just in Naivasha alone…”which leaves Mr. Ngei more distressed and the audience highly entertained.

The highly paced plot then unfolds quickly to introduce a straight-backed priest and a woman who claims to be Mrs.Ngei (played by Nice Githinji)! Hilarious conversations, confrontations and confessions quickly follow. Lets not forget the pastor (played by Davis Nato ) who was not your ordinary pastor.

Trap for a loney man1

Derrick Amunga, who always impeccably delivers sufficient doses of humour, plays the role of a disillusioned, alcoholic painter Mr.Marangi-a possible witness to the marriage vows exchange of the Ngeis.

Trap for a loney man1

It was a tale of murder, suspense and turn around of events that left the audience in utter dis-belief as the revelations came out.

The star-studded cast that also included Liz Ngugi held the plot together in way only actors of their caliber can to deliver this thrilling, hilarious treat. It would not be surprising to hear a ‘Back due to Public Demand’ for this one!

Trap for a loney man1

The play is directed by Mbeki Mwalimu and produced by Abuto Eliud.

Reviewed by Faith Oneya.

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