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“Excellent attracts attention. Invest in yourself both in time and money.” Those were sentiments shared by Kibali Moreithi, who was among the young people that attended the 8th edition of Zinduka Interact in the month of June 2012 at the Alliance Francaise and hosted by media personality Wahiga Mwaura.

 Zinduka interactive aims at providing a forum where media students can be motivated, inspired and educated on how to position themselves for success in the industry and is an outfit by Wahiga Mwaura, a journalist at citizen TV and Issac Gabantu of sketch Careers.

Wahiga Mwaurah


“YOU MAY HAVE TO ATTEND AUDITIONS 100 TIMES TO GET A CALL BACK” said Dorothy Ghettuba, Spielworks Executive Producer and one of the guests, when citing her experience in Toronto.

As a Kenyan actor, I was like really! I mean, who has that patience? Well, your guess is as good as mine, and that makes the two of us.

The executive producer of special works media and also the guest speaker in the event alongside her line producer, Ndanu urged the young talents in the house to create their own opportunities. Pointing out that putting yourself out there and being in charge makes it easier and gives you a platform for you to be recognized.

“Why do we always see the same actors in every TV programme” someone in the audience posed the frequent question. Her answer was just plain and simple, “these familiar faces have created a name for themselves in the industry, they keep putting themselves out there, they are the same people who will always attend auditions and that makes their names stick in producers and casting director’s heads, hence the reason am urging you people to do the same, PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE”.

What I found intriguing was that a good portion of the audience, 80% if I may give it some statistical value, had come to learn how to make it in the industry, specifically working behind the cameras. Most of the questions were based on the nitty gritties of production; from the point an idea is developed up to the execution stage.

This clearly portrayed the sad fact that all the other stakeholders in the industry, are putting in that extra effort to learn and equip themselves with all the skills and knowledge that will give them a mileage in their careers, but unfortunately for actors, we are still stuck in our comfort zones and doing the only thing we do best; attending auditions.

Ndanu sighted the importance of acting workshops to actors and sadly mentioned a previous scheduled workshop that was cancelled the last minute due to lack of quorum.

Budding producers and scriptwriters in the house were given tips on how to develop their ideas, copyright them, write proposals, and how to source for funds as well. Talented  Music composers who had put themselves out there and attended the show, left a happy a lot as they would learn that spiel works media, the makers of SAINTS, HIGHER LEARNING and LIES THAT BEHIND just to mention a few, were looking for composers.

At the end of the forum one thing was certain, talent alone is not sufficient enough for anyone aspiring to cut a niche for themselves in the industry. The big question is; HOW WELL PLACED ARE YOU?

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