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  • Posted On: 2011-08-10 00:00:00

It is a developing acting industry trying to get on its feet and to the top of the world. Talents have been discovered, new projects have been launched and implemented as a result reasonable outcome seen and experienced by society. It is pretty much open to society that the acting industry is doing a great job.

A growing industry always has a lot to work for than expect and therefore launching of more new projects is underway as producers, sponsors, directors and experienced personnel work together in a struggle to capture new talent and upcoming ones.

This tussle is basically done by the big word-AUDITIONS!!I have personally attended a couple in the past one month and its really competitive. A great number are experienced but as we all know the CUT has to be made (THE BEST OF THE BEST HAVE TO SERVE THE INDUSTRY).

Various ways and techniques are used to pick the REAL TALENT and sometimes the UNTALENTED! There comes the positive and negative WAYS!

POSITIVEReal talent is unveiled and people get happy .other talents and abilities are discovered like-modeling and singing. Some get to meet new friends and open up their world. Others establish connections, find love and real jobs and meet celebrities and maybe their role models.

NEGATIVEOnly the keen can notice how the hawk snatches an innocent chick from the hen. The unfair side comes in at this point and it displays a bad picture to society.

It is always about the celebrities, money and power resulting to great influence. The celebrities, family to the bosses, close friends and good looking beings scoop the greatest roles and suppress the voice of the UPCOMING TALENTS!

Society expects us to hear the voice of each person and give a chance to the trying.


Article by Boaz Maronga A.K.A breezy

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