Gerald Langiri
April 29 / 2012

Goolge the word sexy and 2.1 Billion results are returned in 0.16 seconds and as if that is not enough, here I am to add more results to the already sex manifested internet world. Awesome!

 What does sexy mean anyway? Many definition websites define sexy as “Arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest. Highly appealing or interesting; attractive: sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality:” Ask a Kenyan man what sexy is and answers like “she must have a beautiful face, have an ass/boobs/both. Must be light too”

Here is my definition of sexy: It has nothing to do with how your face looks but if you are beautiful, it definitely adds a lot to the equation. It has a lot to do with your physique and body type and no it is not about how thin or big bodied you are. It does have much to do with how you dress, after all, you cannot arouse sexual desire being all covered up. It is a very thin line between sexy and trashy though. Above it all, it has everything with how you carry yourself. A sexy woman despite being beautiful, having a sexually appealing body, can dress well should be one who can carry herself as a lady who knows what sexy is. It is in the walk, the talk, personality and character.

I embarked to find out who the sexiest Kenyan actresses are. I logged into actors.co.ke, went through the database of Kenyan actors, called 3 other men and one lady to help me choose the sexiest Kenyan actress.

PS: It is sad that most actors and actresses do not have professional pictures for the purpose of press releases and whilst there probably are sexier actresses out there, finding pictures to use to showcase that sexiness was hard and hence did not make the list. For your portfolio, actors should have pictures to show case different characters and personalities for their press kits. Please visit Gash studio today to have good quality professional pictures taken of you.

Below are Kenya’s sexiest actresses: Did your actress make the list? 

10. Mumbi Maina

She may best be known as Nandi in the on-going soap opera Mali. Yes, her most distinguished feature that all men will attest to her sexiness is that bright future she carries behind her. Unfortunately we could not get a full bodied picture of her that displays all that she has going on for her. Nevertheless, the pictures we did get clearly shows why she made it to the list.

Mumbi maina1
Mumbi maina

9. Ruth Maingi

She defines herself as a plus size model and for those men who love meat on their bones, Ruth Maingi, who plays Salome in the on-going soap opera “lies that bind” is the woman you are looking for.

ruth maingi
ruth maingi

8. Wanja Mworia

The Makutano Junction and Higher Learning actress is very spiritual, passionate, Hard working and cheerful and guess what, sexy too.

wanja mworia
wanja mworia

7. Damaris Nthenya Matunda

She has been off our screen for a while after the hit series Noose of Gold. A mother of one but Damaris still has it going on for her as you can see below. With all these finesse, we hope to see her grace our screens again soon.Hayo mtunda twayaona.

Damaris Matunda
Damaris Matunda

6. Grace Mwelu

Nothing much is known about her with a movie called “The text message” under her belt but it still does not deny her the fact that this coasterian actress is a sexy as they get.

Grace mwelu musyimi
Grace mwelu musyimi

5. Millicent Mugadi

Do I have to say more than the pictures below? A bold actress with several movies and serieses under her name and most importantly being among the contestants of Big Brother Africa. She does not shy away from her sexuality and I must admit she might be the reason behind me writing this article after she posted her half naked picture on facebook. Despite some of the cold comments she has received from that picture, I’d definitely want to wrap my hands in this 30 year old woman.

Millicent Mugadi

4. Lizz Njagah

I don’t believe she needs any introduction. Engaged to be married to Jitu Films director,Alexander Konstantaras, Lizz Njagah is definitely among the sexiest actresses especially since for a 33 year old woman, she still manages to look like this:talk about fine wine.

Lizz Njagah
Lizz Njagah

3. Maryam Ada

Mystery of The Golden Rings, The Text Message, Its That Serious just to mention but a few movies that this sexy radiant coasterian actress has done. I have not had the pleasure to meet her but if this is what I will be met with , Maryam, naja kukutafuta.

Maryam Ada
Maryam Ada

2. Shirley James

An upcoming actress who has featured in the movie Pearl of Africa. Not much to her acting career but I have a feeling we will be seeing more to this young lady and if not, all this sexiness would just go to waste. The lady I was with going through this list saw her t her picture and went “god-damn”. Picture Courtesy of Gash Studio.

Shirley May James
Shirley May James

1.Brenda Wairimu

Number 3 on the most bangable women in Kenya and number one on this list. I do not know what it is about Brenda Wairimu that makes her a crowd puller and make the boys go ooh lalala but Lulu, as she is known as in the on going soap opera Mali, clearly has most men wrapped in her fingers as she oozes sexiness above the rest. Queen of sexy if you will.

Brenda wairimu
Brenda wairimu

 Well,there you have it.Have your say below and who should have and should not have made the list and was it fair?

 Written By Gerald Langiri

Pictures Courtesy of their actors.co.ke profiles or their facebook profiles.

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