Gerald Langiri
April 04 / 2012

Picture this: A Rogers goes to an out of town motel books a room and waits for a Sally with whom they are to have a romp with but for formalities sake, let us call it an alleged “business meeting”. Simple enough, right? Ok, Rogers however uses a code name Kamau to book the room to avoid being identified by his real name. Sally shows up for the “business meeting” and asks the hotel manager for a Kamau, a name Rogers had foretold Sally to use. Concidentally, we have two people with the same name Kamau residing at the hotel. Not knowing which Kamau Sally wanted, Hannington or Hanni if you wish, the hotel manager decides to take Sally to the Kamau who had booked the orange room (rooms in this hotel are identified by the colors of their respective walls).

By the will of the lords of the cheats, the orange room was the right pick. Meanwhile, the Kamau in the blue room was also expecting a lady visitor of his own. Like clockwork, Helen arrives looking for a Kamau. Hanni left with only one other Kamau knows the blue room is where Helen should be taken to. Are we together till there? Good.

Now picture this; Rogers goes to find the hotel manager to get her lady friend Sally a drink and simultaneously, Helen leaves her room to go get soap so as to freshen up.  Rogers and Helen bump into each at the lobby and "that awkward moment when husband and wife meet in a remote motel without having told each other where they had gone to" occurs. If you are saying “nooo way” I will tell you yesss way, there is more.  Rogers claims he is there for a meeting and Helen claims she just wanted a get away. Not wanting to disrupt each others innocent agendas, man and wife agree to keep an eye on each other while they carry out their respectve alleged duties.

Now, it gets complicated when both Kamaus meet at the same lobby, share pleasantries and as we find out that Kamau in the blue room is actually called Geoffrey and they both tell each other about the special ladies in their respective rooms. Unknown to Rogers is that the woman in Geoff’s room is actually his wife! That does not even get to the level of complicated that I want this to get to. Hang on.

Sally decides she and Rogers should have dinner in the motel restaurant and she goes down to wait for him at the lobby. While there, Helen also shows up waiting for Geoff to also go for dinner. Yes, the unexpected or rather expected happens whenever two ladies sitting in a lobby meet. They talk.  Hanni being in the middle of all this drama as it unravels saves the day as he did on many numerous times by taking Helen back to her room before the ladies could reveal more than should be in their conversation.

Lets talk abut Hannington for a second. He is filling in for the night on behalf of his sister who owns the motel and He expected a quiet night and got this instead. Two men. Two women. All connected. In the same hotel. Doing what they should not be doing. In two separate rooms. And he knows it all.

As if that is not enough, here is the kicker. Sally is also Geoffs wife!! OMG where are peoples bedside manners? Do you know where your spouse is right now as you smile in amazement at this? Or maybe your mind has just gone back to that moment when something this similar happed to you.

That is what Bedside manners was all about incase you missed it plus much. Festival of Creative Arts, the theatre group behind  this play, described it as a witty, ingenious, hilarious martial comedy and I cannot agree more to those characteristics although I must add complicated to the list of characteristics to describe it. The ending of the play left my jaw opened and wondering, “what just happened?” “Did both Kamaus leave with their wives who did not suspect that their men were their to cheat?” “Again,where the hell are our bedside manners”

Has our society decayed this much? Has it now become whether you are the cheat or you be the cheated?

 The star studded cast made this play originally made by Derek Benfield one to ponder about whether we truly know that much of our spouses whereabouts and who they are sleeping with other than their alleged certified spouses.

  • Hannington Played by Derrick Amunga who would have won my “best performance” trophy if I had one. A seasoned actor and having watched a few other performances of his, I think he out did himself in this one.
  • Rogers played by Martin Githinji
  • Helen played by Nice Githinji
  • Geoffrey played by Brian Munene
  • Sally played by Veronica Waceke (who also doubled up as the assistant director and stage manager)
Bedside manners cast
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Directed by Mbeki Mwalimu and Produced by Abuto Eliud. Production assistants Njeri Kairu and Janice Wanyela. Naomi and Esther Braga assisted in Marketing the show.

Verdict: Exciting. Funny. Worth the watch something FCA always brings to the table whenever they have a show.They just dont dissapoint.


Watch a preview of the play below and catch the rest of the previews HERE

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