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  • Posted On: 2011-08-19 22:09:08

We would like to give you the heartiest welcome, to this web tool, first of its kind in Kenya, we thought long and hard to see what we may be lacking in Kenyas film industry.

What came out rather clearly, was that we do not have a direct link with our screen/stage actors in Kenya, and even further the entire Kenyan film industry fraternity. Having made this finding, we came up with this idea to bring you closer home to the actors and the industry players, being the background within which was birthed. .

We want a forum to journey with the industry, involve both the viewers, fans and critics alike to come alive, and join us in growing an industry that dates back to even before Kenya gained its independence. Just as a child is born and celebrations rent the air, we realize that our expectations just lie in the fact that a new life has arrived, and the outcome much as not definite is always one everyone is hopeful for, and preferably, participate in creating. .

Having said that, the child that is here, namely, is looking forward to your involvement and ownership in order to aid in its purpose to be fulfilled within the Kenya film industry. The reason for this is to present you with an opportunity to facilitate the contribution and improvement of our film industry, given that Kenya is the land of some amazing people, whose lives are full of stories that can inspire and be even entertaining. .

So join us in starting this journey that I believe, will lead us to the journey of maturity and explosion in this tool that showcases the Kenyan film family. Twende Kazi!!!!!! .

In the meantime, enjoy our articles, browse through the actors profiles and check out your favorite actors profile. Check for auditions and events.Like our facebook page and follow us on twitter.For those wondering why your profile is not here, that is because you have not filled in our form. Click on the profile registration link on the top left corner.

Welcome aboard and wish your stay with us will be worth it. .

Warm Regards,

Founder and administrator,

Gerald Langiri.

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