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  • Posted On: 2012-03-16 00:00:00

In TO ACT GAY OR TO PLAY A SEX SCENE: WOULD YOU? PART 2, we looked at societies taboos and perception affecting your choice in accepting controversial perhaps sexual roles. I will be brief here as this is something that all of us know and understand better and it goes without saying that everything and everyone has a price! You want me to act in your movie? Here is my tariff. You want me to show some booty? Then you have to add more. What did you say? You want my top of In this scene? For how long and will I expose my boobs? My tariff X 100! Yes sounds funny, but this is how it works in Hollywood. You can get almost any actor undressed but you might have to pay them more than the budget of your whole movie! That is why you do not see some actors (usually big names) naked. Because productions cannot afford their nudity, so to speak! At the same time, it is a good trick for the actors who do not want to appear like Adam and Eve far too often. They just increase their nude price. Worst case they will become richer! Of course there are cases that the actor wants to do a specific part so much that they do not mind the nudity that may come with it or they do not over charge for it. But these cases fall to the above category of personal believes and having a critical mind to chose a part for the right reasons.

Coming closer home and once again, things are different in Kenya. Apart from the taboos and society issues, we have the producers who want nudity for Kshs 10,000 salary! Sorry but for these offers I would rather do porn for free! It is not that there are not Kenyan actors out there who do not have issues with nudity (I know Kenyan actors who did nude in international movies), it is just that, what they get offered is not worth doing it (both financially but most of the times artistically). I am not saying that you need to give millions for someone to expose his booty or her breasts but do not give the same amount you will give a fully clothed role. Out of respect at least. So if you are lucky enough to find a Kenyan actor who has overcome both personal believes and society taboos and is willing to accept your “hot” part just be smart enough with the money factor. Or if you cannot afford it, balance it with a great storyline and invest in good scripts. Nudity does not necessarily sell the film you know.

Catch me in the last part of this thread where I will talk about the actual script. Until then, please do leave your comments and questions below.

Written by:Alexandros Konstantaras

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