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  • Posted On: 2012-03-01 00:00:00

I will keep it short. My two cents to the ever present concerns by ‘actors’ just looking to be discovered is as follows: I have personified myself at auditions I at times consider boring, to motivate and sometimes coach people as we wait for the queue to ease off. (Yes I do queue to audition). My honest reaction to this is that acting is drawn from an actual passion to do what you must to get it happening, but reality check confirms that you must without a doubt have reasonable potential to act.

Most people who parade for the long audition queues know too clearly in their minds that fame is what they are seeking and would do anything in their power to get it even if it means having to submit your dignity to the dogs.

Reality is, fame without compensation is an actual case of one being inconvenienced from their simple lives to be put on a pedestal likely to generate more pressure than you really need in one lifetime. Humility is any artist’s lifeline. If you can easily have that compromised, you have absolutely no reason trying at what you will eventually, miserably fail at, because you will collapse what many passionate veterans have built with grace and sweat in your meager ambition to be a face people can easily recognize on the streets and nothing else to show for it for posterity.

I may be influenced even as I write this article by the fact that I come from a lineage of art and as such believe in building bridges for posterity but then again it is not lost to me that the reason today is present is because we need to celebrate the joy that today holds and as such ensure that my hard work (because acting is HARD WORK) needs to pay off to make me a comfortable living at the very least.

Please please please ,I implore you, make sure you want to or are seeking an opportunity to act because you have the WOW factor as concerns performance. Please, it is not right to permanently give grief to panels of judges at auditions and people you may know that you have seen once in a while grace your screens that they get you gigs, and yet deep down even you know that you can only pull it off very well in a dream perhaps, just perhaps.

Therefore, look deep down inside you and answer the most important question in your acting career: Why do I really want to become an actor and if you are already an actor, why are you at it?

Written by: Irene Ayimba

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