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  • Posted On: 2011-12-14 00:00:00

Over the years, man has always been considered to be in charge and he has always been known to be the Alpha leaving the woman aside. Man has been dominant and that is why we always here “It is a man eat, man society” e.t.c. Yes I know the word man is a figure of speech and represents both genders and before I carry on, let me make it clear that I am not trying to be sexist or fuel a debate on the battle of the sexes (or am I?). Times have changed and so are the days that men are presumed to be Alphas. Women have empowered themselves and clearly have beaten men in what is perceived to be “A man’s job. ”

This brings me to the main issue at hand which is how the female gender has dominated and took over the Film and T.V. industry. They have not just taken over but are doing quite an outstanding and remarkable job in terms of acting, producing or directing. Focusing on Producers, it has come to my knowledge that roughly 70% of producers, writers and Directors in Kenya are female. This is a fact and if you do not think so, some of the well renowned female producers include:

1. Dorothy Ghettuba: (Spielworks Media) Producer of the Soap Opera Lies That Bind, Higher Learning, Saints, Block D among many others.


Dorothy Ghettuba


2. Alison Ngibuni:(Al Is On Production) Producer of the Soap Opera Mali, Siri, Shuga e.t.c


Alison Ngibuini


3. Carol Nguta: (DreamHouse Production) Producer of Shattered the Movie


Carol Nguta


4. Isabel Munyua:(DreamCatcher Production) Producer of The Rugged Priest


Isabel munyua


5. Catherine Wamuyu:Producer of Tahidi High, Mother-in-law(no picture)


These are just a few that I mentioned among many other female producers. Not forgetting the prolific writers and Directors we have in the Industry that include the likes of:

1. Jinna Mutune: Writer and Director of Leo the Movie


Jinna Mutune


2. Jennifer Gatero:Writer and Director of Changing Times


Jennifer Gatero


3. Serah Mwihak:Producer, Writer and Actress


Serah Mwihaki


4. Wanjiru Kairu:Freelance film maker and writer


Wanjiru Kairo


5. Nini Wacera:Casting Director, Producer, Writer and Actress


Nini Wacera

The list goes on and on which is endless and not forgetting the Crew in productions which also is dominated by women. It is said that give credit where due and all this wonderful women deserve praise for their outstanding work and defining that they can be goddesses on Mt. Olympus giving Zeus and the rest of the Greek gods a run for their money. Yes it surely is now officially a Womans World. This should be a wake up call to all men involved in productions because clearly the women have dominated the industry and not only have they outdone men in terms of numbers but also in doing a great job. This should be a challenge and to all the women of steel, keep doing what you do best and we salute you.

Written by Mark Kaiyare

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