Gerald Langiri
June 18 / 2013

I hear of someone attending acting classes and I laugh. Then cry. Then start to ponder for a while. I eventually end up biting my nails and removing the foreskin on my fingers. I am sure there is a scientific name for that skin; then again, those are the disadvantages of not attending medical school.

My mixed emotions on acting classes really refers me to (this is where virgins stop reading this article) SEX. Should one be taught how to please the opposite sex during the act? Do people actually go for sex classes? (I wonder how they are.). Sex is as natural a talent one should have, right? WrONG with a capital ONG. This is my perception as well. However, if the reason for failed relationships and marriages for that matter spring from lack of good sex, that art is not as natural as one would assume...oh look,Getrude Mungai showing us sex moves on TV!

Truth be told, we can all act. You were acting for every lie you told or the time someone actually vibed you to have sex with them. You are probably acting right now pretending not to laugh at this funny read yet your cheeks are burning from muscle retraction.

Professional acting is not a laughing matter though and this is where my sad emotions crawl in. I never went to professional acting classes and yet I call myself an actor trying to make it in the Kenyan acting industry. I do however posses talent from my early acting days from primary school all the way to high school. If I had a chance to get a professional acting coach, I would probably be a big Hollywood superstar...I said probably.

Acting classes are essential for anyone trying to make a profession out of acting. Like any other profession, training and skills tuning should be part of your daily life. If you are a Kenyan actor or are trying to be one and you only wait till audition day and take 5min before to try out your skills, let me tell you right now YOU HAVE FAILED because you will probably do the wrong things that wont book you the job.

Below is a video that explains the importance of acting classes.Watch it.

Unfortunately, there are not many acting colleges or classes around that only concentrate on the craft. We have schools that teach theatre and film with a unit for acting but I am sure there are many who would only like to know about acting. So, we either settle for Mr.Google acting classes or we get into the readily available seminars around. Currently, we have hollywood actor David Morin in town holding acting and Film seminars at shalom house running between June to August. Below is a timetable and I'd advise you to attend or book a class.

Slingshot Seminars

Can one make it without attending acting classes? Yes you can. Like Sex, some are just born with it and some have to learn through classes or videos like Kamasutra. However, if you know you lack that special element in your act or have been to a couple of auditions and never received that call afterwards, you probably need to attend acting classes or a mentor. I have held auditions before and despite the passion that most budding actors have, some just need to be frankly told to get an acting class. Then again, revising what you already know can help you and you know the saying, you can never know everything..so why not book an acting class.

Written by Gerald Langiri.

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