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  • Posted On: 2011-11-09 00:00:00

 Have you ever watched live international news broadcast about anything Kenyan? Did you like what you saw? Is it me or do they always televise and focus on places that make us look like we are literally all poor. I am no Director of Photography and neither do I know what goes on with the settings and adjustments on the cameras but what is it with foreign cameras making us look so dark as if one lacked oxygen or maybe it is a scarce commodity to us and even our beautiful city Nairobi looks like something else which is totally different to reality. Perhaps someone who has specialized in the field can help me out here.

All of that brings me to my, main concern which is the topic about Film in our Society. Film has its way to maneuver and implicate about a certain society either positively or negatively. As much as a film can be pure fiction, what you see is what you likely get. It is high time we start showing people abroad and the world at large that it is not all about poverty lingering in our society though it is rampant but we also have other status quos beckoning within us. Every time some one who knows less about our country hears the word Kenya, let him not just imagine skinny people and poverty. Let us give them a taste of both sides of the coin and that is why coins have heads and a tail otherwise if it did not have it would not make any sense at all.

My second point is that Filming in Africa is a way of entertaining the masses and not only that but also educating us on various issues that have occurred in our times. Some of the best movies in Africa that have won numerous awards have been adapted from incidences that have occurred. For instance, movies such as Hotel Rwanda, The Last King of Scotland, our very own such as Rugged Priest, First Grader, From a Whisper among many others have all been inspired from real life situations.

So, if you do want to produce a film and you do not know what to talk about, look around you or go down the history books, for there are so many stories untold waiting to be unraveled and there you are, you will have yourself a great film as long as you have facts supporting your cause.

Written by Mark Kaiyare
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