• Nick Name:

  • Date of Birth: 26TH NOVEMBER 1984

  • Email:

  • Height: 5,9

  • Weight: 85kgs

  • Hometown: Nairobi

  • Location: Nairobi,woodley estate


  • Profession: Producer/Videographer/actor(hobby)

  • Education:Double degree in Film and Screen production/HR Management

  • Featured Series: TBC

  • Featured Movies:

  • Featured Theatres:

  • Any Other Productions: Big Brother Amplified

  • Favourite Actors: Will Smith,Jamie Fox, Al Pacino Charlie theron

  • Favourite Actress:

  • bestrolesTV presenter,Comical Characters

  • Hobbies: Editing(camera Work) Producer for Corporate Videos

  • Awards:

  • website:

  • Facebook: Nic Wangondu

  • Twitter: @nicwangondu

  • Last Updated: 2011-09-13


Fun loving,hard working person who knows when to work hard and play hard.

A television producer from Nairobi with a double degree: a Major in Film and Screen Production and a Minor in Human Resource Management.

I Love thrillers and comedies.

His mother is his role model. He says of her: “a great part of my formative years were spent with my mother. I saw how strong she had to be, to be both mother and father to me at times, and what she went through as a single mother made her stronger and made me who I am today”.

She also gave him the best advice he has ever received: “suffer now, enjoy later”.

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Watch Nic in action below in a preview for a New Series he is set to feature in.


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