® | makbul mohammed
  • Nick Name: bullie

  • Date of Birth: 7th march 1981

  • Email:

  • Height: 6 2

  • Weight: 95

  • Hometown: mombasa

  • Location: nairobi

  • Languages: english swahili french arabic digo

  • Profession: public relations consultant

  • Education:degree

  • Featured Series: reflections makutano junction lies that bind

  • Featured Movies: behind closed doors kwani readings weakness all girls together

  • Featured Theatres: the visit,merchant of venice,king richard the III,unearthing the worm,dead talk,dead of night death and the maiden

  • Any Other Productions: tvc barclays and kcb

  • Favourite Actors: john malkovich , anthony hopkins and ainea ojiambo hehe

  • Favourite Actress: meryl streep mumbi kaigwa

  • bestrolesany

  • Hobbies: pretend to cook..synchronised swimming hehe..travelling

  • Awards: best actor 1st kenya film festival ,nominated best supporting actor for weakness at kalasha awards

  • website:

  • Facebook: maqbul mohhamed

  • Twitter: @maqbuli

  • Last Updated: 2012-03-09

makbul mohammed

Committed to acting and any role given in the hope of changing the industry.