• Nick Name:

  • Date of Birth: 20th April 1970

  • Email:

  • Height: 6ft

  • Weight: 108kgs

  • Hometown: NAIROBI

  • Location: Nairobi,Kenya

  • Languages: English /kiswahili

  • Profession: Actor

  • Education:MBA (Management) at Washington state university 2002

  • Featured Series: Reflections 2004-2005 (Uncle Tom)-TV station shown; Kenya Broadcasting Cooperation,,Makutano Junction.Noose of Gold(s4 to s7 as Ole Mpisha) See more on my resume.

  • Featured Movies: Constant Gardener-2004,White massai-2004,The First Grader-2009,Kibera Kid-2004.Nairobi Half life (Policeman-Mutua). Shattered the movie-2011 (Music producer).Wazi Fm- 2013 (Bad policeman) See more on my resume.

  • Featured Theatres: Othello(duke),King Lear(duke of Albany),Richard III(played the character Buckingham)

  • Any Other Productions: Advertisements i) Sprite Africa. TVC - (Doorman) 2006 ii) Aon Minet. Bill board-2006 iii) Nakumatt supermarket advert (as the father) TVC-2007 iv) Guinness international advertisement (as the chaperon) TVC-2009

  • Favourite Actors:

  • Favourite Actress:

  • bestrolesAny challenging character

  • Hobbies:

  • Awards: Mbalamwezi awards best supporting actor on stage (1995),Kalasha Awards nomination best supporting actor in a film (2010)

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  • Facebook: ojiambo ainea

  • Twitter: ainea ojiambo

  • Last Updated: 2012-07-04


About Me
I am a professional; artist specialized on stage, film, T.V screen, Commercials and documentary acting. I have performed in many plays with various top Kenya theatre groups and attained professional status amongst plays performed including Shake Spear etc.

International Movies
i) Constant Gardener-2004 (Police Driver)-The movie won academy award best supporting actress.-Director Fernando Meirelles
ii) White massai-2004 (Police constable)-Director Hermine Huntgeburth.
iii) Bullion-2009(David)-Director -Philip Luswata
iv) The First Grader-2009(Education officer)-Director Justin Chadwick
v) Following Jesus-2009 (Chief security leader) – Director Fc Hamman
vi) Un Altro Mondo-2010 (Butler)
vii) Nairobi Half life-Mutua
(Policeman)-Supervisor director Tom Tykwer

Local Movies
i) Babus Babies-2004 (Tiger)
ii) Kibera Kid-2004(emmy award winner for short movies) Director Nathan collet iii) By any means Necessary-2005 (Police Inspector)
iv) Closed hands-2005 (City Tough)
v) Stigma -2006 (Alex)
vi) Toto Millionaire-2007 (Supa)/Producer-Director Barasa Simiyu
vii) Formula X-2008 (police inspector)-won awards in independent movie awards 2009
viii) Obohoz-2008 (Government Minister) Director Cajetan boy
ix) Love Doctor-2009-(Sam)/Producer-Director Barasa Simiyu
x) The Rugged Priest-2010 (government minister Mr. Ole Shompole) The movie won the best movie at ZIFF- Director Bob Nyanja
xi) Guerrilla boy – 2011 (government intelligence Officer) Director Baraza Simiyu

Advertisements Done
i)Sprite Africa.- (doorman) 2006
ii) Aon Minet.-2006
iii) Nakumatt supermarket advert (as the father)-2007
iv) Guinness international advertisement (as the chaperon)-2009

i) Why me (Rapist)

Music Videos
i) Go back to school by Dex Vultures (as the Dad)
ii) Kokoka by Susan Owiyo/Mbilia Bel –2006 (poor Friend)

See my resume here.

Download CV: profiles/Ojiambo Ainea resume.doc