• Nick Name: NICK NDEDA

  • Date of Birth: 05 December 1985

  • Email:

  • Height: 6 feet

  • Weight: 74kg

  • Hometown: NAIROBI

  • Location: Nairobi,Kenya

  • Languages: English, French (fluently). Swahili, Spanish, Luo (Communicable)

  • Profession: Actor/Radio Presenter/MC/Creative Writer

  • Education:Currently pursing Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Psychology in USIU (United States International U

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  • Favourite Actors: You mean aside from me? Well, anyone with the charm of Jude Law, creative edge of, Johnny Depp, and the intensity of Gilbert Lukhalia, Christian Bale & Leonardo DiCaprio all rolled into one!!

  • Favourite Actress: Emily Watson hands down!!

  • bestrolesIt is cliché for actors to say that they are versatile so I’ll say the thrill for me comes from assimilating the character so anything brought my way, I assimilate and become and thus love!!

  • Hobbies: Writing. Acting. Reading.

  • Awards: Best Theatre Actor honor from Nation Media Group

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  • Last Updated: 2012-08-21


About yourself (summary):
You could spend three full centuries on earth before you meet someone like me! Trust me, I did the history and the math!

Series: Higher Learning (Season 1-4) NTV-Speilworks Media- Lead role.

Movie:Born Losers (2005)-Big Ideas Entertainment. Supporting role. Organs (2010)- Snap Productions. Supporting role.

Theatre: 2005-2009: Played lead roles in over 17 plays with Phoenix Players.

*2006-2010: Played lead roles in over 10 plays with FCA (Festival of Creative Arts)

*2008: Wrote and directed “Miles-a comedy in black and white” for USIU Drama Club Michezo Afrika

Facebook page/name: Nick Ndeda

Twitter page/name: @xhisou