® | Peter Mugambi
  • Nick Name: Alfie Deaf Actor

  • Date of Birth: 25/06/1988

  • Email:

  • Height: 6

  • Weight: 70

  • Hometown: Nairobi

  • Location: Nairobi

  • Languages: English,Kenya sign language and sheng

  • Profession: Student, footballer, rising actor

  • Education:College at Cisco Networking Academy

  • Featured Series: " My Constitutiton "

  • Featured Movies:

  • Featured Theatres:

  • Any Other Productions: The Team TV series as a deaf footballer

  • Favourite Actors: Sean Berdy - Deaf American actor

  • Favourite Actress: Marlee Martin – Deaf American actress who is also a singer.

  • bestrolesAny deaf role

  • Hobbies: Acting, football, watching movies, play computer game, meeting new people, travelling and making new friends

  • Awards:

  • website:

  • Facebook: Alfie Kithaka

  • Twitter:

  • Last Updated: 2011-10-19

Peter Mugambi

I am a deaf Kenyan actor with a passion for acting and football. My greatest dream and hope is to further with my acting career both locally and internationally. I am able to communicate through writing and use of Kenyan sign langauge.

I am inspired by Marlee Martin who is the only deaf actress to won an Academy award. Her numerous accolades and achievements give me the inspiration and belief that anything is possible if you only set your mind to achieving it. My other favourite actor is Sean Berdy who is not only a deaf actor but a comedian too.

Aside from acting and playing football, I love meeting new people, travelling and making new friends.

I carry on with my life with only one MOTTO, Disability is not inability