® | Valentine Wairimu.
  • Nick Name: Nimmo.

  • Date of Birth: 02-14-1991

  • Email:

  • Height: 5'2

  • Weight: 63kgs

  • Hometown: Nairobi

  • Location: Langata

  • Languages: English, Kiswahili

  • Profession: Model

  • Education:Bachelor, Degree

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  • Featured Movies: N/A

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  • Any Other Productions: N/A

  • Favourite Actors: Gerald Langiri, Brad Pitt

  • Favourite Actress: Genevive Nnaji

  • bestrolesBitchy, Witchy, Bad, Drama queen

  • Hobbies: Listening to music, Making friends, Reading, Dancing

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  • Last Updated: 2012-10-08

Valentine Wairimu.

On one love filled day of Valentine,in 1991,a girl graced the world at the Nairobi Hospital,the waiting couldn`t have been any better,that girl was me,given the aura upon my arrival in this world,the naming process didn`t need much ado,thats how i ended as Valentine Wairimu Kiriaku,being the first born,you can guess what bounds of joy I brought upon the lives of my parents Elvis and Olive Kiriaku. My upbringing was fun filled and as per the Christianity customs. On july 1993, I was formally baptized at NPC Karen and fully graced the name Valentine. My parents are staunch Christians so it was just a mere formality that I would follow suit,much to that i was brought up as a morally upright girl. My childhood days were spent at Langata,nairobi where i was brought up and in 1998 I joined the elementary school,this being malezi primary school,upon completing my primary school education,I went on to join karengata high school for my secondary school education as from 2006 upto 2009. I managed to pass my O`level exams and i proceeded to join the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(jkuat) where am pursuing my degree in BBIT. My outmost dream and desire is to become an IT specialist. Off the rails of the academic radar,I happen to have a passion of modelling. This saw me join Imandy modelling agency where am a model up to date,my other likes involve cooking,traveling,acting,singing,swimming and reading. Valentine also has a philanthropic side this has seen her take part in the dettol heart run as well as visiting the childrens home(orphanages) with her peers. I also take part in voluntary community services as its only fair and wise to give the society back what it has given you. Am quite an ambitious person,and desipte being a role model for my siblings. I want to make and leave a mark outside there,be it in the Information and Technology world or the modelling world. My personal traits and attributes are that am an honest person,am humble,passionate about my work,innovative and self driven.I also have a penchant for learning new things that can make a difference to mankind.