® | Wendy Kirorei
  • Nick Name: Ndywez

  • Date of Birth: 9-19-1988

  • Email:

  • Height: 5ft 5"

  • Weight: 55

  • Hometown: Nairobi

  • Location: Nairobi

  • Languages: English,Kiswahili


  • Education:diploma in FILM/VIDEO PRODUCTION {CAMERA}

  • Featured Series:

  • Featured Movies: THE BRIEFCASE

  • Featured Theatres:

  • Any Other Productions: STOLEN INNOCENCE documentry,news , Talkshow

  • Favourite Actors: Will Colin Firth

  • Favourite Actress: Annette Bening

  • bestrolesCAMERA WORK

  • Hobbies: photography ,fine arts

  • Awards: nominted Best cinematographer OF THE KALASHA 2011

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  • Last Updated: 2012-08-16

Wendy Kirorei

I am Wendy Kirorei ,23years old filmmaker in Nairobi Kenya.Having graduated 2nd DEC 2011 from the Kenya Institute Of Mass Communication with a Diploma in Film Video production {camera} , i am working as a Cinematographer/A.Cs / Gaffer on various productions . I am currently working with a Media house in Kenya KASS TV AS a Camera person .i have seen through several productions like :Stolen Innocence 15min docu-DIRETED, The briefcase 60MNS Feature film-D.O.P,Anisaa pilot for TV series D.O.p ,Influence TV series as . Ilove ART and wiling to learn and share skills iand build the film industry.

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